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Biobyte designs the audio, video, and technical media system infrastructure.

Biobyte works with the latest systems and with the highest quality equipment, qualified to specify rigorously and coordinate the requirements for the installation.


Multimedia design includes the supply voltage definition for all the audio-visual equipment in addition to the specialized cabling for the distribution of signals.


Future safety is a top priority, especially when designing special wiring for audio and video technology.

Biobyte develops sustainable, effective solutions that anticipate the operation of future technologies.


Services include: digital signage, video conference, video surveillance, intercom, paging, show relay, cue lights, design and specification of all types of video, projection, conference systems, Web and IP based communication, integrated control systems, conference and delegate systems including multi-language simultaneous translation and voting systems.


Biobyte define the complete electrical design and specifications for performance centers (Theatres, Opera Houses, Concert Halls, Congress Centers, Multipurpose Auditoria, Cinemas, Recording Studios, …) including the main hall as well as the technical areas such as backstage and ancillary areas, stage area, studios, etc.

In particular theater buildings have very specific and extensive requirements; performance lighting, audio and video installations, control protocols, and data requirements are constantly changing, Biobyte controls the process and anticipate the future technologies.


The careful integration of lighting into the design of a performance spaces is an important part of Biobyte services.

Production lighting services include the selection of fixtures, dimming systems and power supply, as well as layout for show and concert lighting system and infrastructure, work lighting in backstage and technical support areas are designed.

Client’s needs are carefully studied, to develop recommendations for the purchase of lighting instruments and related equipment.

Biobyte takes special care in working closely with the client, and all the construction team, to coordinate lighting systems with all other technical and artistic aspects of the room design.

There is an increasing requirement for sustainability and energy saving. Acceptable low energy alternatives are becoming a reality, Biobyte technicians are at the forefront of their development and employment.



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