The quality of sound is determined by the characteristics, location and shape of the rooms. Biobyte provides the best service supported by technical expertise from the earliest stage of the plan assuring the highest quality of sound, integrated with the architectural design, structure and other services. During the  construction phase, the staff participates in periodic on-site inspections and acoustical measurement, guide installation of the sound systems and provides advice on interior design and materials.

Sight lines analysis

A perfect sightline between the audience and the stage is essential for visibility purposes, and for a good direct sound supply to the audience.

Computer models and scale models

Biobyte simulates the sound transmission in the room, from the source to the listener, using advanced simulation techniques and software.


The main objectives in noise control are the achievement of sound isolation from external sounds, vibrations (such as adjacent traffics) from other activity spaces. The noise control includes Ventilation and Air conditioning system and other mechanical devices.

Planning noise insulation in new buildings and in restructurings

Biobyte  follows customers from the rough design concepts to adjustment and verification of specific constructive details and supervises the construction of the building according to the country lows.

Biobyte provides sound insulation certificates and technical reports for all the acoustic characteristics and indexes required.


Biobyte takes care of airborne and impact sound insulation. All partition elements must be dimensioned so that the sound from adjacent rooms do not interfere and do not disturb each other, as well as the facade insulation of the building is designed to control the noise from the outside to the inside. Offices, dwelling units, classrooms, health care facilities, libraries, hotels, concert halls, theatres are good example to apply building acoustics parameters, impact sound index included.

Building quality control and noise testing

Biobyte’s team carries out checks on the building-acoustical performances achieved during construction using standardized measurement techniques: performaces testing in the finished building is necessary to proof the compliance with the agreed objectives. Claims about unsuited sound insulation in a building finished and in use can be objectively verified. If improvements are required, Biobyte’s experience can help to formulate building solutions. Biobyte offers on-site acoustic performances testing with modern equipment that is regularly.


There are specific emission limits regulated by law, to protect the environment from emissions especially produced by commercial establishments and industrial buildings. Also rail, car and air traffic contribute to the environmental acoustic pollution in the cities.

One of Biobyte purposes is to determinate environment pollutants through measurement systems of noise and vibration emissions in order to remove them with clever solutions conceived for every specific situation.

Biobyte’s team provides support to private and public projects from the design starting phases with environmental acoustic measurments ante/infra/post operam to control the process and the results.

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