Hearing is one of the most crucial means of survival in the animal world, and speech is one of the most distinctive characteristics of human development and culture. So it is no surprise that the science of acoustics spreads across so many facets of our society—music, medicine, architecture, industrial production, warfare and more. Art, craft, science and technology have provoked one another to advance the whole, as in many other fields of knowledge.

The role of Biobyte in the world of acoustics embrace in 360° all what concerns together acoustics, buildings and environment.

Biobyte is one of Italy’s leading companies in room and building acoustics and it offers integrated services, as well as complete and detailed solutions for construction sphere with its experienced expertise.

Planning with the clients

Biobyte closely collaborates with architects and clients both beyond the borders of Italy and abroad. We offer all services for every work phase: from consulting for building owners and architects in connection with architecture competitions to advisory services during the initial operation period.

Biobyte help our client to meet acoustical requirements while taking into account all relevant standards and guidelines.

We offer advisory services during the initial operation period and monitor subsequently the acoustically design work through construction site supervision visits.

Biobyte provides advisory services for construction acoustic details and assess architects on acoustic specifications for tender documents.