Theater & lighting

Live performance venues present unique architectural challenges: decisions about the facilities for performers and audiences and choices of technical equipment must meet current needs and future expectations.

Our specialists help architects to design spaces that inspire while delivering the best in theatrical functionality, acoustical excellence, visual quality and audience comfort.

We help providing input for the design of the space (form, layout, and indicated function of a theatre), theater systems design and specifications, with the management ability to continually inform the process.

Our team includes experts in brief development, feasibility, venue planning, auditorium design, stage engineering, seating design, specialist architectural lighting and performance sound, video and communications systems design.

We work and assess designers and clients from initial concepts to final detailed plans and specifications. We hand over a tailored service to ensure well-functioning stages, comprehensive backstage facilities,comfortable auditoria and excellent audience circulation areas.

Thanks to our expertise we help to design creative spaces that perform efficiently, understanding the artistic, operational, technical and commercial needs of all types of venues.

We consult on the design and renovation of venues across all sectors – from intimate spaces for drama and music to larger performing arts centers, from media production studios to the highest quality broadcast TV and radio concert halls, and from conference and exhibition centers to entertainment arenas.

Our background allows us to understand the needs of performers, technicians and operators. In our opinion it is important to propose solutions in accordance with the current exigencies and the present technologies, but the project aims to create a future-fit performing arts space adaptable to the evolving requirements of audiences, artists, programmers and funders.

The auditorium is the heart of any venue. We advise on the scale and details of the space, ensuring that the

demands of the performer-audience relationship balance with the practicalities of sightlines, circulation and seating within the architect’s aesthetic concept.

Biobyte is also a designer of flexible auditorium, and can design spaces that may be adapted for multiple-use including exhibitions, world music, banquets or sports events.

Flexible staging, seating and technological infrastructure are part of our knowledge so that the venue can quickly adapt to maximize potential revenue.