Stage system design

Biobyte’s consultants have experience in the design of specialized performance equipments for opera houses, theaters, concert spaces, convention centers and other types of venues.
Stage machinery is a fundamental requirement in any theatre whether it is simply the raising and lowering of a lighting bar to a complex system of stage wagons. Today’s theatres are complex structures with many different elements of performance equipment that must work seamlessly together.
Our extended experience allows us to provide our clients with an appropriate design and budget for all kinds of performance equipment, including stage lifts, orchestra pit lifts, chairwagons, stage traps, counterweight linesets, motorized winch sets, spotline rigging, loudspeaker array rigging, and acoustics related equipment.
We approach every project as a new challenge and draw on the widest possible range of technologies and approaches, to design safe and durable performance equipment.
We design and specify all the information required for lower and upper stage machinery and/or rigging requirement (orchestra elevators, mobile stage platforms, trucks, manual and power flying systems, telescopic and fixed seating, etc.): the operation of revolving stages, elevating platforms, platform carts, point hoists, winches, hydraulic drives and other technical equipment provides the stage magic that so thrills audiences.

Our expertise covers also:

Dance floor

Nowadays stages are designed with advanced technology flooring suited for any kind of performing art.
In particular, dance necessitates performance, versatile and durable floors to guarantee protection from injuries for dancers and to provide them a feeling of optimum safety and comfort during exhibitions.
For this reason, dance floors are not proper for other kind of exhibitions and on the contrary, they need to be recovered and protected for better preserve their characteristics and functionality. Consequently, it is necessary during the design of stage spaces to contemplate the presence of a dance floor and to study the way and the place where to recover it with a customized solution.

Acoustic shell

The acoustic shell increases the natural level of the sound that is genuinely produced by musical instruments and naturally increases the level of the acoustic pressure of the room, thus leading to a balanced diffusion throughout the whole range of the sound spectrum.
Today’s acoustic shells used in performance rooms have to be versatile and discreet, so that their presence does not hinder the use of the space for the most varied types of performances. They adapt to the orchestra by increasing the number of the necessary modules and by adjusting their application according to the type of performance. It is a stage equipment that is easily assembled and disassembled and that is imperceptible and recovered when it is not being used.
Biobyte is able to design acoustic shell on demand with particular and measured characteristics depending by the theater or the place in which it will be collocated; furthermore, it will be projected in relation with the kind of show that it must support and exploit.

Telescopic seating

When it is necessary to use the available space more efficiently and flexibly, Biobyte suggests the design of telescopic stands as the ideal system to solve that kind of problems.
These stands could be customized and they are characterized by high degree of automation, an efficient use and optimization of space and a level of security equal to the one of concrete and fix stands.

Fire barrier with high acoustic insulation

In case of fire, it is necessary to separate the stage area from the main hall. For this reason it is necessary to provide a fire barrier between them which guarantee their separation into two different isolated compartments: in fact this fireproof barrier is used to subdivide the building into separate fire areas and to prevent the spread of fire between them.
In theaters it is necessary also an high acoustic insulation between these two important spaces, consequently fire barrier is an important requisite of the stage spaces and it needs to be designed together with all the stage machines, providing an adequate recovering and a functional, quick and silent system to move it in the position of use.

Upper and lower stage machinery

Nowadays performing arts venues are equipped with sophisticated stage technologies that ensures that performances run smoothly, with electro-mechanical, hydraulic or hybrid drivers which control all the stage systems for the upper and the lower stage machinery.
The job of these machineries consists in the operation of revolving stages, elevating platforms, platform carts and point hoists.
The upper stage machinery is for example constituted by a silent and reliable point hoist often combined with a rail system on the sheave grid that ensures a rapid and flexible use to move or lift parts of the scene.
The lower stage machinery makes possible instead, by lifting platforms, to move the stage floor in vertical direction (up and down): this is necessary to change the stage floor or to move parts of the stage set to other positions.