Stage lighting design

The careful integration of lighting positions into the design of a performance space is an important part of Biobyte services.

Production lighting services include the selection of fixtures, dimming systems and power supply, as well as layout for show and concert lighting system and infrastructure, work lighting in backstage and technical support areas.

We carefully study our client’s needs, to develop recommendations for the purchase of lighting instruments and related equipment.

We take special care in working closely with the client, and the design team, to coordinate lighting systems with all other technical and artistic aspects of the room design.

Our theatre background ensures that we understand how performance lighting is designed, as well as the complexities of show control.

There is an increasing requirement for sustainability and energy saving. This has until recently been a very difficult area for the entertainment industry who have traditionally relied on the stability and color rendering of tungsten as a light source, but at an environmental and financial cost. Acceptable low energy alternatives are becoming a reality, and we are at the forefront of their development and employment.