Room Acoustics

Acoustic studies are essential for theatres, opera houses, concert halls and auditoriums but also offices, schools and restaurants needs acoustical care in their design and building because of their noisy nature. Any place where musical or verbal communication is carried out needs the right acoustic environment to enable to receive it and to return it to the l with the best properties. The aim of Biobyte is to make every ambient obtaining the appropriate acoustic answer for its intended use by a correct geometry of the space, a suitable choice of materials of surfaces and a smart design of structural details which implement mostly the acoustic answer of the ambient.

Sight lines analysis

A perfect sightline between the audience and the stage is essential for visibility purposes, and for a good direct sound supply to the audience. Biobyte, with the help of ultimate technologies, help clients to optimize sightline analyses and seating layout in close collaboration with the architects. We also take into account row spacing, balustrade and podium heights.

Computer models and scale models

Biobyte is committed to achieve the best possible harmony between architecture and acoustic design. We use computer simulation not only for theater, concert halls and opera houses, but also for smaller performance spaces and different environments. We simulate the transmission of sound in the room, from the source to the listener, using ultimate simulation techniques and specially developed software. Biobyte also take advantage of auralization to make possible to hear the effects of different spatial arrangements.