Noise Control

The main objectives in noise control are the achievement of sound isolation from external sounds and vibrations (such as adjacent traffics), and from other activity spaces and the control of noise from Heating Ventilation and Air conditiong system and other mechanical devices.

Once the external noise situation is recorded and measured, it is possible to produce individual solutions for appropriate protection together with the architect, dimensioning and choosing all the exterior components of the building in relation with the insulation necessities. Naturally, these necessities are integrated with requirements of heat insulation, ventilation and architecture aesthetics.

Planning noise insulation in new buildings and in restructurings

We accompany our customers from the rough design concepts to adjustment and verification of specific constructive details and at  last we supervise the construction of the building.

We provide building acoustic design services for new construction projects as well as for existing buildings that will be used in a different manner after a renovation.

Biobyte provide evidence of structural sound insulation through sound insulation certificate and expert reports, if necessary. We do advice in case of vicinity of noisy environment or noise polluting facilities.

Sound insulation in buildings and certifications

Protection against external noise is an important aspect that Biobyte care and assess with expertise.

To achieve  a correct sound insulation of a building Biobyte take care of the following important aspects:

Airborne and impact sound insulation: All partitioning elements must be dimensioned so that user noises from adjacent roomsare not disturbingly audible.

In-house technical equipment: In-house technical equipment should not be audible in a disturbing way. Such noises should be attenuated by proper dimensioning and correct installation details.

Building quality control and noise testing

Our measurement team carry out checks on the building-acoustical qualities achieved during construction using standardized measurement techniques: quality testing in the finished building serve as proof of compliance with the agreed objectives.

Claims about unsuited sound insulation in a building finished and in use can be objectively verified. If improvements are required, our experience can help formulate building measures.

Biobyte offers on-site quality testing with modern equipment that is regularly calibrated or tested.