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The new auditorium hypogeum in Ischia is in completion phase

The island of Ischia is ready to inaugurate its first polyfunctional hypogeum auditorium.
Architectural design has been carried out by the Arch. Cristina Santaroni who took advantage of Biobyte’s consulence (Doct. Enrico Moretti and Arch. Andrea Pozzi) to deepen the details of the acoustic, machinery and multimedia design of the multifunctional hall and all its pertinence spaces.
The auditorium can accommodate up to 440 people and it is characterized by a fan shape and a circular stage. It is designed to give hospitality to musical events such as concerts (in fact it is equipped with an acoustic shell), as well as congressional events. The ceiling and wall sound absorbing panels guarantee, in addition to the excellent acoustic response of the room, the full comfort of the listener.
This result is possible thanks to previsional studies on three-dimensional models with specific acoustic software (some of which are shown below).