Enrico Moretti





              expert in acoustics and environmental design

Professional seniority:

               40 years


               Master’s degree in physics – specializing in

               electronic physics (with biophysical applications)

University of Milan, graduating thesis entitled: “Effects of radiant heating systems on the human organism in the workplace”

Specialization courses and/or improvement:

Attended a specialized program in Ergonomics organized in the years 1971-72 by the Society for Applied Ergonomics (SEA) and subsequently became teacher and later coordinator of the same course organized by Italian Society of Ergonomics (SIE) and by the Region of Lombardy in 1973-1980.

Research and teaching activity:

Professor of Experiments in Physics in the Course of Physics, Science faculty, University of Milan (1970-1972).

Prepared and directed Medical Electronics a laboratory for the Physics Institute at the University of Milan.

Conducted research on the effects of radiant heating systems on the human organism, in particular on workers exposed to thermal irradiation caused by ovens; this research was conducted in the Human Physiology Institute of the faculty of medicine at the University of Milan.

Member and drafter of the “Ergonomics” commission established in the Department of “Social Affairs” in CECA (European Coal and Steel Community).

Professor and coordinator of the Ergonomics Program organized by SIE and by the Region of Lombardy (1975-1982).

Professor of Environmental planning and ergonomics at IUAV University of Venezia (Architecture) (1994-1998).

Professor of Acoustics in the Ergonomics Master’s Program at Politecnico di Milano (1998).

Professor of Ergonomics at FORMEZ in Rome (Formation Center).

Partner in SEA – Society of Applied Ergonomics – Milan.

Physicist  and ergonomics expert.

Founder, director and publisher of the magazine “ERGONOMIA”.

Expert in material technologies with thermal and acoustic properties, applied acoustics, electro-acoustics, theatrical design (multimedia, show lighting and stagecraft).

TCAA“Tecnico competente in acustica ambientale” (Expert environmental acoustics technician) of the region of Lombardy no. 6586/06.

Winner (with other colleagues in the SEA group) of the “Compasso d’oro” ADI industrial design award in 1981 for applied research in ergonomics, energetics and acoustics.

General professional experience:

1972 – 1993    Director and partner of the Society of “Applied Ergonomics”

1986 – 2012    Single Director of Biobyte srl

Enrico Moretti has been working in the Environmental Planning and Design branch and specifically in the sector of acoustics for more than 40 years, having spent the first 20 years with the Society of Applied Acoustics or SEA in Milano and subsequently in the autonomous organization Biobyte srl, in partnership with SEA.

The staff working on design projects under the coordination of physicist Enrico Moretti includes a number of different professions: engineers, architects, lighting designers, biologists and ecologists, experts in acoustic modeling and in multimedia technologies. With this structure Moretti has achieved a position of leadership in Italy and a prestigious image abroad, and he now collaborates with other privately owned companies as well as public agencies and academic institutions.

Specific professional experience:

Projects Moretti has worked on as acoustic consultant include:

Renovation of the central office of the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” (arch. Vittorio Gregotti) 1998-2001 – Milan

“SIEMENS” building in Milano Bicocca (arch. Vittorio Gregotti) 2001-2003

“Deutsche Bank” buildking in Milano Bicocca, 1st lot (arch. V. Gregotti)

“Deutsche Bank” building in Milano Bicocca, 2nd lot (arch. Gino Valle) 2002-2003

“Deutsche Bank” building in Milano Bicocca, refectory (arch. Italo Rota) 2004

Skyscraper “Pirelli”: acoustic consulting for renovation project (about 100,000 m2), 2004-2007

Office building in Milano Fiori (arch. Colas – Intertecno) 2006-2010

New Region of Lombardy building in Milan (arch. Pei – Cobb – Caputo): acoustical consulting services for the competing enterprises during the competition and subsequently, provider of consulting services to the company “Impregilo” during construction of the complex, 2004-2011

“Porta Nuova” complex in Milan: acoustical expert in the group directing and supervising the construction site (Hines S.p.A.), 2010-2011

“Unicredit” building in the Garibaldi complex (MI): acoustic testing, acoustic consulting services for Jacobs S.p.A. in interior design and in the design of the Multipurpose Hall, 2011-2012

Ex-Michelin site in Trento (arch. Renzo Piano): acoustic consulting services for the builder, 2010-2013 (in progress)

Expo 2015: Consulting in acoustics – stagecraft – multimedia – lighting, 2011 – 2013

Isozaki Tower (Citylife Milano): Acoustic consulting services for the company Impregilo in the competition for the contract, 2012

“Arcadia” multiplex cinema in Melzo (arch. Giancarlo Marzorati), 1997

“Le porte franche” multiplex in Erbusco (Brescia) (arch. G. Marzorati), 1998-99

“De la ville” Cinema/theater in Aosta (arch. Bobbio), 1999

City Cinema/theater in Valenza Po (arch. Bobbio), 1999-2000

Projection rooms in Cultural Center in Vipiteno (Campestrini-Pedacta), 2000

Multiplex in Melegnano (MI) (arch. Engel e Aprà), 2000-2001

Multiplex in Viale Sarca (MI), 2002

Multiplex in Muggiò (MI) (arch. G. Marzorati), 2002

Multiplex in Segrate (MI) (arch. G. Marzorati), 2001

“Dei Lincei” Academy (Rome) (arch. G.C Bertacchini), 2001

CI.SE multiplex (Sesto S. Giovanni- Milano) (arch. Giancarlo Marzorati), 2002-2003

New multifunctional arena in former Rossi factory in Latina (arch. A. Stella Richter – D. Ochoa), 2012 (in progress)

New multifunctional arena in Algeri for 12000 audience (arch. Vittoro Gregotti), 2011 (competition in progress)

New “ex-Factory of ice” multipurpose center in Verona (arch. Mario Botta), 2011 (in progress)

Opera and Ballet Theater of Astana with accessory spaces for IT engineering company (ABDR architects), 2009-2011

New “Parco della Musica e della Cultura” Theater in Florence (ABDR Architects), 2008-2011

“Arcimboldi” Pirelli Headquarters and Multipurpose Center in Milano Bicocca (arch. Vittorio Gregotti), 2003

Santa Anastasia Auditorium of Verona Conservatory, 1995

Concert Hall in Palace Leoni-Montanari in Vicenza (arch. A. Belgioioso), 1997

Auditorium in Milan (arch. Giancarlo Marzorati), 1999

“Dal Verme” Auditorium/Theater in Milan (arch. M. Bagigalupo, Arch. F. Alberti-Ferrari), 2001

Auditorium in the former Manzoni Theater Bologna (arch. G. Marzorati), 2000-2001

Auditorium in Rome (arch. Renzo Piano), 2001-2003

Auditorium for symphonic music in Havana, Cuba (arch. Vittorio Garatti)

Auditorium in former church of Sant’Antonio and Santa Marta in Morbegno (SO) (arch. Roberto Paruscio)

Ristori Theater in Verona (arch. Aldo Cibic & Partners), 2003-2011

Former Martinitt Theater in Milan (arch. Marzorati, Arch. De Carli), 2003

“Alla Scala” Theater in Milan: preliminary studies of acoustical aspects (arch. Mario Botta)

Vittoria Classic Theater in Turin (arch. Aimaro Isola)

Congress Center Head Quarter in Milano-Bicocca quarter “Arcimboldi” (arch. V. Gregotti e Associates), 2003

Chianciano Conference Center (arch. Paolo Bodega), 2004

Auditorium of the Bank of San Gimignano and San Prospero in Modena (prof. arch. Viganò), 1988

Auditorium of the residential complex “Bergamo centro” (arch. Traversi), 1992

Civic Center and Auditorium in Sesto San Giovanni with music school (arch. G. Marzorati), 1993

Auditorium in new Siemens office building in Milano Bicocca (arch. Vittorio Gregotti), 1997

Multipurpose hall in Ponte di Viro in Rovigo (arch. Biliotti), 1997

Congress Center in San Marino (in the Republic of San Marino) (arch. G. Valentini), 2001

Conference Center in the stock exchange building in Milan (arch. Nigra), 2000-01 (in progress)

Multipurpose Center in Coccaglio (Brescia) (arch. Franco Maffeis), 2000-01

Doria Pamphili Palace (“Cavallerizza” Room) in Rome (arch. Fabio Todisco) (in progress)

Multipurpose convention hall of the company Industrie De Cecco SpA (Fara S. Martino – CH) (arch. Paolo Talso), 2003

Parish Church in Senna Comasco (Studio G14) (arch. Orsonni), 1992

Parish Church in Tavernerio, Como (arch. Reynaud), 1997

Votive Temple in Bergamo (arch. Franco Maffeis), 2001

Parish Church in Loreto area in Bergamo (arch. Gregotti e Associati)

Parish Church in Trezzano sul Naviglio, 2008-2011 (in progress)

Projects worked on as project leader for the Society of Applied Ergonomics include:

Environmental reclamation of pipe factory in Abbadia Lariana (LC) and in Pontedecimo (GE)

Ergonomic research on the quality of the environment in the iron and steel industry (Italsider, Terni)

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach for the SINGER factory in Monza

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach for the CISA factory in Faenza (FO)

Environmental and acoustic design of the Alemagna factory in Cornaredo

Environmental and acoustic design of the wet suit area in the Mares factory in Rapallo (GE)

Design of thermal-acoustic insulation in the metal drawing and rolling mill (Trafilerie Laminatoi Metalli) in Casarza Ligure (GE)

Environmental and acoustic design with special focus on thermal-acoustic insulation in the CNR construction site in Genoa

Environmental and acoustic design with special focus on thermal-acoustic insulation on the OARN construction site in Genoa

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in RCS Rizzoli factory in Milan

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in the offices of the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” in Milan and Rome

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in the offices of the newspaper “Il Messaggero” in Rome

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in Mondadori offices in Verona

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in magazine offices in Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in Amilcare Pizzi offices in Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

Environmental reclamation with ergonomic approach in the wool mill (Lanificio) in Somma Lombardo (MI)

Ergonomic and environmental design with attention to acoustic aspects in Studio 11 Mediaset Videotime (Cologno Monzese)

Significant applied research:

Studies of the effects of radiant heating on the human organism in situations of medium thermal power (presented at the International Congress of Ergonomics in Amsterdam – 1972)

Research in the field with the aim of containing energy waste and work stress in draw-plate workers (presented at the International Congress of Ergonomics in Bucharest)

Research aimed at optimizing environmental and ergonomic conditions (noise and thermal irradiation) for machinists through the study and redesign of the driving cabins of the first electric train in the new plant (1973-1975)

Research in the design of modular and standardized systems for improving working conditions, safety and exposure to injurious agents to the health on print and manufacture plants (winner of the 1981″Compasso d’oro” ADI competition)

Research for standardization of techniques for cleaning up harmful agents (SOV) in rotogravure plants with maximum energy savings (converted into applications and projects directly in the field developed with professional technicians and presented as a technological innovation of Italian industry (printing machines sector) in Moscow at two subsequent events in Pravda and in ICE)

Application of research in a manufacturing company (ORV) aimed at development and application of biocompatible manufactures which are not allergenic or irritating as an alternative to mineral fibers for thermal and acoustic insulation and sound absorption for buildings and for vehicle construction (train-bus-car-plane)

Scientific director of research funded by the Ministry of Education MIUR and the Region of Lombardy with the aim of innovating in products for “Biotherm panel” thermal and acoustic insulation in partnership with two manufacturing companies (2011-2014)