Created as a spin-off of the Society of Applied Ergonomics (Società di Ergonomia Applicata or SEA) of Milan, Biobyte draws on the experience of Italy’s first interdisciplinary group in the sphere of engineering and ergonomics. The company has been working autonomously since the 80s in the fields of environmental physics, civil and industrial construction, environmental impact studies, diagnostics, applied acoustics and thermophysics in the acoustic design of theatres, conference centers, film studios, places of worship and office buildings.

The company focuses in particular on integrated design of stagecraft, lighting and multimedia facilities for theatres and conference centers.

Biobyte is directed by its founder, Mr. Enrico Moretti, a physicist and ergonomics and environmental design expert who has won an ADI “Compasso d’oro” award for Industrial Design. The company relies on the services of 10 experts in various specializations, both employees and consultants, developing and integrating various different disciplines:

Construction thermophysics – Bioclimatology – Applied acoustics – Lighting engineering – Stagecraft – Multimedia & crossmedia – Domotics – Environmental impact studies


Biobyte designs theatres and multipurpose spaces such as concert halls, prose theatres, multifunctional halls, cinemas and recording and radio broadcasting studios, focusing on acoustic performance and the complex of constructions permitting use of theatrical machinery, stage lighting and multimedia technologies.

Hotels & offices

Biobyte is concerned with architectural and environmental acoustics of hotels, offices and commercial buildings and multimedia systems for conference halls and meeting rooms.


Biobyte’s work in collaboration with architects and engineers is expressed in a design methodology oriented towards “integrated designs” produced with an interdisciplinary approach and with an ergonomic method aimed at optimizing human/human, human/machine and human/machine/environment relationships.

A clear focus on environmental issues, quality, use of biocompatible materials and bioclimatic and bio-architectural aspects of design qualify Biobyte as a company experienced in offering customers projects built “on a human scale” which are also good for the environment.

Some references

Architects Biobyte has worked with include: Renzo Piano, Vittorio Gregotti, Gregotti Associates, Michele De Lucchi, Richard Rogers, Alberico Belgioioso di Barbiano, Giancarlo Marzorati, Guido Canella, Aldo Cibic, Mario Botta, Michele Achilli, Richard Mayer, Paolo Desideri and Filippo Raimondo (ABDR), Vittoriano Viganò, D. O. Benini, Luigi Bandini Buti, Stefano Boeri, Giorgio Grassi, Aimaro Isola, M. Bacigalupo, Paolo Bodega, Bolles & Wilson, Pierpaolo Ricatti, Pei Cobb and Paolo Caputo, King & Roselli, Matteo Thun, Vittorio Garatti, Natalini, Antonio Citterio, Michele Reginaldi and “Quattroassociati”, RE Value – Cristiana Cutrona, Biagini e Bracciali and others.

Recent projects

“Parco della Musica” Theater in Florence (Arch. Desideri ABDR), “Parco della musica” Theater in Rome (Arch. Renzo Piano), Astana Opera Theater in Astana, Kazakhstan (ABDR), Multipurpose Hall in a former glass factory in Verona (Arch. Mario Botta), “Ristori” Theater in Verona (Arch. Aldo Cibic), “Italcementi” Auditorium in Bergamo (Arch. Richard Meier), Multipurpose Hall in the former stock exchange in Turin (Arch. Aimaro Isola), Auditorium and new offices of “Diesel” in Breganze (VI) (Jacobs SpA – Arch. Pierpaolo Ricatti), New Multipurpose Complex (residences, museum and auditorium) on the former Michelin site in Trento (Arch. Renzo Piano), “Petrarca” Theater in Arezzo (Arch. Biagini and Eng. Bracciali), new “Microsoft” offices in Milan (Arch. Cristiana Cutrona), new “Vodafone Village” offices in Milan (Arch. D. O. Benini), European Center for Advanced Biomedical Research (CERBA) in Milan (Arch. Boeri), study of the acoustic and atmospheric and air environmental impact of the new Garibaldi-Repubblica office complex in Milan (IN.G.RE-HINES), new “Unicredit” offices in Milan, “La Nuvola” congress center in Rome (Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas), Ri.MED Multifunctional Auditorium in Carati (PA), ANIMA Cultural Center in Grottammare (Bernard Tschumi Architects), Padova Congress Center (5+1AA)