Building physics and certifications

Energy saving and climate protection are important new challenges to respond quickly and appropriately It is clear that the future of the building is closely linked to its ability to innovate, working in synergy with the current trend energy efficiency. In this context, the energy certification becomes the instrument to steer the actions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Energy certification is a process designed to identify the characteristics of energy related to a building or plant.

Biobyte team include several licensed professionals for the assessment of the energy certification of buildings and able to release energy certificate. They will make available to the customer their know-how and experience to improve building energy performance through valuable assessment that will deliver the most functional solution.

Biobite is a partner of Green Building Council Italy and his team counts of officially approved Leed consultants who are available to advise you.

Biobytewill support you with the following services, which include:

• Carrying out a pre-assessment in order to determine the potential of your property with respect to a LEED certification.

• Consulting with all project participants in order to optimize planning for a better LEED seal.

• Preparing the required proofs.

Biobyte is also able to assess you on a wider range of certifications based on regional and national law.

Energy efficient construction

Green building brings together a vast array of practices, techniques, and skills to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health.

Biobyte bring accuracy to targets and plans. With energy audits, Lyfe cycle assessment, consumption studies or carbon footprints, we set highly precise baselines so that clients can establish defined goals, examine feasibility and track progress.

National and European laws on energy saving that apply to buildings and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) are becoming even more stringent in light of climate change. Legislators are striving to attain a steady decrease in energy consumption when it comes to the operation of buildings.

The building sustainability not only embraces energy efficiency, it is the subject of holistic considerations, and includes things such as life cycle, ecology, economy, function, and technology, among other things. Based on a sharp rise in demand, building sustainability has since come to include conscientious planning and official certification (e.g., LEED, BREEAM,…) with the objective being to add value, improved value and increase profit.

The prioritization of energy efficiency in the design process makes it possible to build high quality buildings with reduced total energy consumption.

These buildings therefore offer optimum cost effectiveness when considering its overall life cycle and with that comes good marketability and sustainability, which is further enhanced by a high degree of user comfort, and long-term intrinsic value that offers investors a good return.

Energy efficiency in building renovation

The majority of existing buildings units had energy consumption for heating relative to the living space that was many times higher than the permissible level for new buildings according to the current Energy Conservation Act. Targeted reductions in CO2 emissions are unattainable without energy-saving measures on existing buildings

These measures involve thermal-insulation to the building envelope (windows, external walls, roofs, floor slabs) and together with a more energy-efficient equipment, the energy consumption in renovated buildings can be cut to a fraction of that in a not renewed building.

Biobyte provides you with support for your property with the following key services:

• Building physics and technical surveying of the building

• Carrying out building physical measurements (e.g. thermography, Blower-Door, temperature and humidity measurements)

• Establishing a concept for improving energy efficiency, involving economic, statutory, building design and plant engineering aspects

• Calculation of the required insulation thickness and grades, taking into account constructive specificities of the existing construction as well as any existing provisions of historic preservation

• Detailed specialist planning and consultation on structural implementation

Thermal and moisture protection

We assess architects on design stage about the insulating layer of the building shell as well as its components so that the heating and other technical equipment can be made more energy efficient and correct temperatures can be achieved in order to avoid condensation. We also advice on vapor diffusion in building components, in order to avoid unwanted humidity to raise.

Heat bridge investigations

The local lacks or weakening of a thermal-insulating layer are described as thermal bridges. They arise in location where the interior thermal insulation must end at the intersecting floor slab, outer wall, and inner walls.

When it comes to the energy efficient building renovation of old structures with structured façades that are listed as historic monuments, thermal insulation is frequently fitted on the interior side of the outer wall.

When exterior temperatures are low, the area of a thermal bridge can cool down to the extent that the inside air humidity condenses on the surface of the building component to form ‘condensation’.

From a planning aspect, thermal bridges cannot be completely avoided, and do not cause damage in every case.

At the planning stage, we use special calculation methods and tools to investigate and we provide solutions for critical points.


Thermal mapping is an important tool when it comes to renovations and new construction projects. It can provide information about the presence of thermal bridges and leaks.

Thermal imaging is an essential tool to measure the surface temperatures of components in buildings critical points, the entire façade, in interior spaces or on selected details.

Biobyte uses the most modern and efficient infrared technology.