Building climatology

The study of Building climate is to reach an healthy and comfortable climate suitable for the individual inside the building.

All the materials and all the equipments that take part of the building should meet the purpose to save energy both during its construction and during the “life” of the building.

It is fundamental the utilization of natural resources and renewable energies: daylight, natural ventilation, solarand geothermic energy, using the power of nature.

Biobyte take into account all the conditions of a building:

• exposure to sunlight,

• regional climate,

• wind conditions

• and external noise.

Energetic facade optimization

The facade is the border between the building interior and the exterior world and thus it dominates the building´s energy flows. It is important in an energy efficient building include an energetic optimized façade.

Biobyte provide the design team by the following services :

• Solar shading studies and assessment on the necessary sun shading systems

• Determination of periods of exposure to sunlight in residential buildings to test for compliance with the required minimum exposure to sunlight

• Spectral calculations for the determination of the facade´s energetic properties

• Thermal simulations of facade systems

• Daylight calculations

Natural ventilation

The natural ventilation of buildings is an essential element of passive climate concepts that aim to achieve low energy consumption and high environmental compatibility.

Natural ventilation meet the requirements of air hygiene, and it also provides the advantage of transporting thermal loads to the exterior – especially in rooms with large glazed facades.

Our range of services includes :

• defining requirements for air hygiene, fresh air supply and heat discharge,

• determining ventilation rates and air speeds,

• dimensioning ventilation openings,

• and developing concepts for control and regulation.

Thermal building simulation

Thermal simulations are a very important planning tool for the design of passive climate concepts.

Biobyte provide the necessary simulation study in the building thanks to the use of innovative thermal building simulation. We can calculate indoor temperature in summer and control heated air corridor in the façade corridor.