Acoustic shell

The Acoustic Shell for orchestra is the “scenic container“ made of special wood, which encloses the stage, as a resounding surface.

The acoustic shell harmonizes the sound and enables musicians to listen to each other clearly, thus making their performance pleasant and perfectly harmonious

At the same time it appropriately convey the music toward the audience.

Spaces, like theatres and auditoriums, where classic music performances are programmed, are usually big-volume rooms. The acoustic shell increases the natural level of the sound that is genuinely produced by the instruments and naturally increases the level of the acoustic pressure of the room, thus leading to a balanced diffusion throughout the whole range of the sound spectrum.

Today’s acoustic shells used in performance rooms have to be versatile and discreet, so that their presence does not hinder the use of the space for the most varied types of performances. They adapt to the orchestra by increasing the number of the necessary modules and by adjusting their application according to the type of performance. It is a stage equipment that is easily assembled and disassembled and that is imperceptible and recovered when it is not being used.

Biobyte is able to design acoustic shell on demand with particular and measured characteristics depending by the theater or the place in which it will be collocated; furthermore, it will be projected in relation with the kind of show that it must support and exploit.